Fair Trade Nicaraguan Pottery Handmade Small Turtle Vase by A Different ApproachThis is an example of Nicaraguan pottery - a handmade Small Turtle Vase.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Turkish Ceramics

The art of ceramics in Turkey reached its zenith during the time of the Ottoman Empire. The centre of the ceramic industry was at Iznik. The artisans at Iznik worked to the order of designs prepared at the Ottoman court.

During the classical era of Turkish art in the second half of the 16th century, Iznik ceramics flourished. But from the beginning of the 17th century, as the political situation gradually changed, Iznik began to lose its financial suppport, and the artisans who produced the ceramics were dispersed, taking away with them their secret techniques.

By the 18th century Kutahya became the centre of ceramic art in Turkey.
Handmade Turkish iznik tile from Istanbul
Handmade iznik tile, Istanbul, Turkey
Credits: Scott MacLeod Liddle

Monday, 14 April 2008

Moroccan Ceramics from Granada

Although one thinks of Moroccan ceramic as being from Morocco, the style of ceramic can also be found from workshops in Grenada, Spain.

Spain was for about one hundred years part of the Islamic empire, and the Moorish influence has survived in the making of traditional ceramics in the Moroccan style.

Many of these ceramics follow the beautiful Moroccan traditional design of Fez and Marrakesh.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Chocolate Found In 3,100 Year-old Central American Pottery

Research by archaeologists of Cornell University has found that chocolate was used as far back as 3,100 years. In pottery dug up in Central America, they discovered traces of a chemical compound found only in the cacao plant. Cacao is the source of chocolate. The pottery was for holding liquids.

It seems that the Mesoamericans of that time were making cacao drinks, fermented from the pulp, rather than the chocolaty drink made from the seeds. These drinks were served on important occasions.

It seems they had a better idea than us how to use chocolate.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Nicarguan Handpainted Ceramic Pottery and Handicraft

The pottery is made by Nicaraguan villagers, mostly women, using fuel-efficient kilns.

The beautifully made pieces reflect traditional design. The work of these villagers is assisted by Potters for Peace, a US based non-profit network.

The selection available here in "Moroccan Ceramic" offers a small but good cross-section of the pottery produced as well as some handicraft. There is also a selection of ceramics and tableware from Peru, Morocco and Turkey.